Ken Carter (Chaplain)

It is a privilege to work with such a great group of people. Much has changed over the past 11  years since I began this ministry. I look forward to what we can accomplish together in the coming year. You can read more of my background in the chaplain section of the website.




Jean Posthuma

I was born and raised with my family in the area. Campbellville has been my home for the past thirty three years. Over the year I have met many people in all areas of the harness racing business. I have been involved with some of the grooms for about fifteen years. My home has been a place for some of them to share in holiday dinners or summer barbeques. Sometimes it has been a place to come and just hang out. For the past two years I have been volunteering for OSAS (Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society). I find this very exciting and rewarding. The Racetrack Chaplaincy became something I felt the need to do to support grooms working and living at the racetrack. I have been involved with this group for the past two years.



Scott Forbes

I have been enrolled in harness racing for almost 40 years. I am a devoted Christian, husband, father and horseman. I have been involved in the Race Track Chaplaincy since it’s inception. We have some wonderful programs with the aim of helping our fellow horsemen.



BOB COOLE (Treasurer)

Bob Coole

Robert has spent the past 20 years involved in the harness racing industry as an owner, trainer and groom in Ontario. He has seen firsthand why the chaplaincy is needed here. This is the reason he joined as a director and a member of the executive- to help improve the day to day life of horse people on the backstretch.



ANNE PHILLIPS (Honorary Director)

Anne Phillips

As a member of the Armstrong family, Anne served on the board of directors of Armbro Farms. For the next 29 years either personally or in partnership, Anne has enjoyed owning, breeding and racing Standardbreds.
She has been an O.S.A.S. Golf committee volunteer for 13 years. Also in this time period she volunteered for disturbed children plus a retirement home for 16 years. Anne continues to be a golf tournament volunteer. Anne is now focusing her talents as a director of the Race Track Chaplaincy of Canada, a much needed spiritual movement.


BILL GALVIN (Director)

Bill Galvin

Bill began his career in harness racing as a groom on the backstretches of North American race tracks, before toiling with the Ontario Jockey Club and the Canadian Trotting Association as a harness publicist and promoter of the sport during the golden era of night harness racing in the 1980’s. He received his formal education at the University of Ottawa and Wayne State University in Detroit and is a recent inductee into the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame. He is also a council member of the Racetrack Chaplaincy of Canada (Ontario) for Thoroughbred racing at Woodbine and Fort Erie race tracks.



Ken Middleton

A 44-year-old Toronto native who now makes his home in Cambridge, Ontario, was introduced to harness racing by his late father Ken Middleton, Sr., at a very early age. The popular and multi-talented Mohawk and Woodbine race announcer called his first race at age 16 at Elmira Raceway. He assumed the position of race announcer/television host/ and public relations assistant at Flamboro Downs in 1994 , and in 1998 was hired by the Woodbine Entertainment Group (WEG) to host their Standardbred simulcast television show, in addition to hosting their nationally televised broadcast shows on Sportsnet and The Score. Ken became WEG’s Standardbred race announcer in 2006 and hosted many of their Standardbred television simulcast programs.
Ken is also a horseman. He is involved in racehorse ownership and currently assists his fiancée, Stacey Reinsma, train a small stable of horses.

JUDI HODGES (Director)

Judi Hodges

Hi, I’m Judi Hodges and I have enjoyed a lifelong in Harness Racing, working my way through the ranks from groom, to trainer to driver with the family stable in Clinton.
In my early twenties, alone with a young daughter and a bad back, I started looking at the business side of the only Industry that I knew and loved.
Following graduation from Seneca Colleges Harness Horse Industry Operation program I relocated to Campbellville.
While working on the frontside of racing I have never lost touch with the backstretch. In beginning the Second Trip outlet, grooms are given an opportunity to obtain good quality clothing as well as access to a library of books and movies to brighten their days.
I have seen and experienced many of the highs and lows that are unique to this Industry. Through my capacity as Secretary I have seen Ken in action. I recognize the value of having a reliable, caring, blacksmith-turned Chaplain, who is with us in a heartbeat to do all he can for any one of us. He knows the Industry, he knows Jesus, and I am proud to be on all of those teams.