What We Do

What We Do

Typically, Chaplaincy programs are supported by horsemen's groups, track operators, and individuals. I sincerely ask that you consider the value of restoring a healthy relationship with a family member, or overcoming an addiction to alcohol, drugs or gambling. One day that could be a friend or family member or even you, in need of the Chaplain's help.

I ask that you do your part as an individual horseperson. If you see a need at a race track or one of the training centres, please let the Chaplain know. Help is available. It is our desire to expand with more Chaplains in other parts of Ontario. We are partially funded by the O.H.H.A. and C.O.S.A., but we need your help to make that possible. Eventually, it is our goal to become fully self-supporting.

Who are the Race Track Chaplains?

Each day on the front sides and the backstretches of the tracks across Ontario, Chaplains are there in triumph and tragedy to provide Christian ministry to the entire racing community. They walk through the barns and paddocks, visit drivers rooms to offer devotions, prayer, encouragement and solutions to spiritual, emotional, material and physical needs of the racing workplace. Coming from all denominations, they respond to a call from their Creator. Walking the extra mile on behalf of their brothers and sisters is not a goal, but a spiritual mandate.

What Do Race Track Chaplains Do?

  • Host non-denominational church services and Bible studies
  • Visit sick and injured workers in hospital
  • Officiate at weddings, funerals, baptisms, baby dedications, and memorial services
  • Lead pre-race devotions and prayer in driver's room
  • Provide Christian Bible-based counselling
  • Provide food, clothing, and transportation to workers in need
  • Organize and host wholesome on-track events
  • Host AA and similar meetings, make referrals to on-site and off-site substance abuse programs


- Building Relationships -

Our Global Backstretch Community

Working in this community are tradesmen, feed suppliers, maintenance workers, farriers, owners, trainers, drivers and grooms.  Chaplains strive to minister to every person. There are literally hundreds of people working. The common denominator is their love of horses, pride in their work and around-the-clock dedication. These men and women are the backbone of the industry. They are the horse's advocates, their voice when they feel ill, their nurse when they need medication, their rescuer in time of danger, their ever constant teacher, companion, and caregiver.

Though workers are rarely mentioned in the media, we believe that each is uniquely gifted by God, and that they are the true heros of the track because their faithful work keeps not only the horses, but the entire industry running strong.